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Self- Love: Be Your Own Brand

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Self- love is the form of love that is often overlooked and undervalued. Self-love should take precedence over other forms of love. It is often misconstrued as being selfish and even defined as narcissistic, conceited, and egotistical by Wikipedia. WOW! Self- love is a critical component to understand who you are internally as well as externally. Self- love will give you the aptitude to sit in rooms that you may not be qualified for. Self- love is a level of confidence where you remain unshaken by external circumstances. It is the key motivator to get you back up on your feet and remind you of your purpose and destiny. Self -love is knowing when to dismiss the toxic people in your life and open the door to positive people.

I’m convinced you need both, positive and negative people, along the journey of self-love. You learn from the negative people about what you do not deserve. From the positive people, you gather resources to heal, grow and prosper abundantly. Embrace the power of the pain and reconstruct it into a building block towards a better YOU. Self- love essentially becomes the fuel to cultivate an environment of wholeness. Setting boundaries establishes a standard of protection around all the unique attributes and character traits that make up YOU.

I used to think that being transparent was a form of integrity. Giving and pouring your love into certain people, places or things can cause a lot of disaster in your life. Discover your inner voice that leads you and guides you to make the right decisions. Acknowledge that we don’t possess the power to change people by projecting our belief and philosophies onto others. Their ways of processing information can be radically different. Everyone is not always your friend, nor do they always have your best interest at heart. It is important to understand these hidden codes of conduct. In this day and time, it is important to protect your inner circle. I define your inner circle as the essence of who you are presently or who you are becoming. Prior to this blog, I designed a business that would help other people come up with creative ideas to start a business.

I never imagined this plan could backfire and position me for greater failure. I learned to resist the urge to give my personal value of creativity away freely. It is true that extending discounts can cheapen the value of the product if done excessively over time. Self-love empowered me to pivot and use that painful lesson to build anew. If that disappointment didn’t occurred, I might have missed the opportunity to create The Rebuild Me Love Letter.

You begin the journey of self-love by being brave enough to be alone for a season. It may pull upon you to learn how to date yourself. Self-love mandates you to pick up your mirror and see your True Image in the reflection.

You may find yourself traveling back through memories and events of your childhood to find yourself. Self-love will never allow you to stoop below who you are as a person and intentionally downgrade the purpose imbedded in your soul. Our society directs us to focus more on our exterior statue and just profess the positive mantras with our mouths. Self-love dives into the methodology of thinking as well as speaking. If you google thinking you will discover at least six different types. I find this interesting because your brain is always thinking to keep our bodies functional. When I experienced trauma in my life, it affected my ability to think clearly and effectively. I can be completely transparent by saying self-love was not at the top of the priority list. I am convinced that decisions made in this environment are spontaneous and sporadic. These are identifiable openings for the wrong people to slip into our lives undetected. Your typical standards are weakened and expose your vulnerability. Predators love to unravel opportunities to take advantage of your weaknesses. In moments of despair, it is natural to gravitate to the comforting arms of someone. I would advise you to dig deeply within and find strength inwardly to navigate to a place of healing first.

Self-love is fortified and indestructible when you are in a crisis. I say this because when you are at the lowest of lows, and there’s only one reliable source- “YOU”. You are now positioning yourself to build strength and endurance. It sounds like a workout routine for boot-camp training. I equate self-love to exercising the body and establishing a good health regimen. It is not just the next diet craze to lose weight and look like a super model. Self -love is understanding the decisions you make to feed your natural body impact your ability to embrace your True Image. Think about the feeling behind waking up early every day to workout. I acknowledge I will encounter some level of pain or fatigue that will require me to push through or give up. Self-love inspires us to do things that we don’t always want to do. Self-love ushers in complete honesty about your strengths and weaknesses. It will inspire new changes and protect the standards of the old. Self-love demands you to live and walk in your complete truth without censorship. The acceptance of ourselves is the only tool we can use to appreciate the difference in another person. This acceptance allows us to be empathic in accepting others AS THEY ARE, NOT WHAT THEY ARE.

In some mysterious way, grace for others loosens the reigns of our high expectations of others. Self-love will block the walls of comparison, in fact, it kicks these walls down and celebrates the success of others. When you finally acknowledge your uniqueness and its value, you resist the urge to fit in. It causes you to appreciate YOUR time and YOUR season to become successful. Sometimes your greatness is as simple as cooking a meal for loved ones or taking care of a sick family member or friend. We get caught up in the hoopla of creating “space rockets” and we allow the intimate moments to drift into space. Embrace the beauty of loving YOU, even when you are ALONE. Especially when you are ALONE, if you don’t LOVE YOU, NO ONE ELSE CAN. I challenge you to look past all your mistakes and celebrate what you have done well. People can always find something negative to focus on but remember WHO YOU ARE and never lose sight of WHO YOU ARE BECOMING! Everything evolves on earth into something. Self-love will help you to direct that growth in the right direction.

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