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Love Your Success

Success can mean different things to different people. I've learned that the influence of others coupled with comparison can taint your definition of success. I encourage you to walk your own journey of life and incorporate celebratory moments when you have accomplished something, overcame opposition, walked away from a toxic relationship, or anything you deem to be good that is worthy of acknowledgement. Implementing the use of an activity planner, a goal tracker, or even a journal are useful tools to assist with effective assessment of your accomplishments. Why is this necessary? Life's journey has the potential to pull you in directions you didn't anticipate or plan. These areas can cripple you, deter you, or even stop you from pursuing your goals and dreams. When opposition rears its head, reflections of your prior successes serve as a positive reference and motivation to get you back on track. Adversity can usher in feelings of defeat, guilt, shame or fear. I wrote a course called Change Your Mindset which is designed to provide a workable system to alter your perspective concerning the adverse situation. Success for me is facing the adversity head on and deciding that GIVING UP IS NEVER AN OPTION. Sometimes there are circumstances that are beyond your control, but even in this valley, there's a desperate need to regroup and refocus your attention from the negativity. This is a transformational skill set and it takes a great deal of effort and discipline to consistently accomplish this mindset shift. Living in the reality of your situation and finding a way to detach and celebrate the little successes goes a long way. Money can be equated as having success but when you have no peace is this still a level of success? In the moments of unraveling your individual successes try to avoid getting caught up with distractions, negative commentary, and depression. Trials are not permanent in life, they are for a season, but how you view trouble matters. I've purposed to view struggle as a strength building opportunity. This is not a false sense of reality but rather a redirection of energy turning a failure into an opportunity for success. Doesn't' mean that you remain in a season of suffering but rather embark upon the new journey of victory and success. I purposed in my mind that GIVING UP IS NEVER AN OPTION. How you think will drive the results you believe and will ultimately become your outcome. This affirmation has become a driving force in my life, and I've been challenged on many levels to ensure my declaration is SURE! I'm careful not to project a fairy tale attitude that simply screams words of positivity but rather I've lived it. Success is adapting a mindset that says I'm determined to get to where I envision myself to be, and I choose not to give up until I get there. Behind this statement pain may arise, disappointment will cause you to question why you started, and rejection may taint your self-esteem to accomplish your goals. Love every opposition you trample over! I've been called stubbornly independent not asking for help, figuring it out on my own, getting kicked down every time I finally get up. The first part of this assessment sounds negative... stubborn. The connotation of the word stubborn can be perceived as negative and have you questioning yourself, your motives, and even your ability. The second part failing to ask for help can be viewed as not being a team player. None of these depictions are true! Wisdom will teach you how to navigate beyond these facades that are negative in nature. Instead of spending countless hours questioning yourself, I'm encouraging you to flap your eagle wings and soar over it! You cannot achieve success by having a mind that is easily deterred from your mission, your purpose or your goals, you have to DO IT ANYWAY! Incorporate SELF LOVE and Be Your Own Brand because God only made One You! No one else can think like you, they can't be you and they certainly won't be able to copy you. Keep it Moving and Remember Love Your Success!

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