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Love Your Prayer Time

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

It’s very easy to get caught up and overwhelmed with the everyday hustle and bustle of working, caring for family, continuing school, building a business, and so many other things we put on our plates. The human body was not created to run constantly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If the body fails to rest, stress will overtake the body eventually leading to heart attacks and other sicknesses. Take the time to rest our bodies, our minds, our emotions. One other area to cultivate rest is through our spirit. Some people choose to deny that there is a spiritual aspect to the human being. My mind often wonders if we weren’t spiritual beings, then what’s the difference between a dead person and an alive person. They both have the physical body present, but what is it in a person that gives them life.

What is the evidence of life? The spirit of a person makes them unique and forms their personality, their actions, their habits, etc. There comes a time when we must quiet ourselves, sometimes in a place of solitude, to access our inner spirit. I’m a Christian, so I believe that your inner man (spirit) is connected to God. Prayer is the form of communication that we use to cultivate a relationship with God. Today, there are many things to pray for because of the intensity of turbulent times. Prayers are the words articulated as petitions before God for help. God isn’t just a God that delivers in times of trouble and despair. I wanted to write this blog to encourage a daily regime of prayer. It is the means of centering yourself amid chaos. How can do you pray? My relationship with God was developed over time cultivated in the hours of prayer. It is a means of releasing my cares of this world, a means of acknowledging God is greater than myself, and a means of acquiring daily instruction coupled with the impartation of wisdom.

Requirements to meet a certain standard are nonexistent when developing a relationship with God. Christians are sometimes viewed as believing they are so upright, perfect, and pure but, they need a Savior. In fact, I’ve failed many times causing shame, guilt, unnecessary hardships, hurt, and drama. Prayer is the vehicle I’ve used to approach God and ask for His forgiveness and help me to get back on track. There are moments in prayer where I just want to spend time with God simply because I love Him. I enjoy feeling His presence because it ushers in peace an overwhelming feeling of love. In these moments, I’m able to calm my soul, gather my thoughts, and approach every day fresh and new. Being couped up in a house can make you feel lonely, but I reach out to God in these moments. His presence reminds me that I’m never alone in this world, even when others have abandoned me. I’m able to regain strength, hope, and joy because I know my heavenly Father is with me. I’m able to talk to Him as if He is my best friend. Some people may argue that this may seem disrespectful to God. To me, God is my everything! He loves me, He helps me, He restores me, He lifts me, and I return to worship and praise Him. Despite all my shortcomings, faults, failures, and disappointments, He has never left me. Prayer is my special moment in time to render unto Him all the disappointments, hurts, and pressures I’m not strong enough to carry on my own.

It’s the time I celebrate everything He has already done in my life. It’s the time, where I can just bask in His divine presence and feel the comfort of His spirit. Prayer is my place of serenity, it’s the place where there is no judgment, no condemnation. I receive instruction from God and He gives me guidance on what to do in my life. I love to wake up each morning giving Him thanks for allowing me to see another day. It fascinates me that God would take the time to recognize, me. The world has more people than we can name or count, and yet God comes to where I am. In this little town, I am a nobody, and His grace is sufficient to hear my prayers. He doesn’t have to spend His time, filling my heart with His love. He doesn’t have to even hear the words spoken out of my mouth. What a mystery to try to comprehend, a God that is so magnificent but so humble to see about someone like me. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to gain direct access to Him. I never fail to admonish the God-given grace to approach Him boldly without a priest, a preacher, or a rabbi. It moves my heart in ways to remember those that are less fortunate.

I understand that the world may overlook you sometimes, and you get lost in a crowd, but God knows your name. I can list so many miracles, yes miracles, He has performed in my life. The simple fact that I’m living today is a miracle because I could have died as a baby. I was born prematurely with all kinds of breathing issues until I passed completely out falling limp in my fathers’ arms turning blue. Technology was not what it is today, it was far less robust. My prayer time is that special moment in my day where I’m continuously grateful for having the activity of my limbs to run, walk, talk, think, and do the things we often take for granted. Prayer is my time to offer my thanks and reverence to a God that sits so very high but sees so very low. My praise is Great because God has performed Great things in my lifetime. People sometimes view your status of wealth as riches and stuff that has been accumulated. My wealth is looking back over my life, acknowledging God has kept me, blessed me, upheld me, delivered me, healed me, restored me, and resurrected me.

My wealth is seeing the evidence of the things He has spoken to me come into fruition. He never told me things we are easy in my prayer time. One thing He promised me, is that He would never leave me. Prayer is my moment to express my pain in my life’s journey. As I reflect on my previous experiences, I see where God has shifted my mindset and is using the challenges in my life to transform me. Adversity can be used to propel us into becoming what God wants us to be, not what we planned. I decided to share this with you because it’s my personal journey to wholeness. I pray that someone who feels lost and in despair will learn how to implement prayer into their daily living. I wrote you through my journey of prayer but hope you can create your own.

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