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Love Your Peace

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Surviving all the devastation caused by Covid-19, a time of rest, recovery, and rejuvenation is critical to your self-care. Often, our demands of working, having families, and volunteering with organizations, deter us from settling back into a place of rest. The impact of trauma has the power to affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. After you have embarked upon your healing process, realize that you also need recovery, restoration, and rest. Society will tell you to keep working, pushing yourself, and do not quit until you are finished. Adapt the mindset of never giving up, but also acknowledge intervals of rest are required to complete difficult tasks. When you fail to rest your body, you become vulnerable to exhaustion, burnout, and quitting.

Peace is that place where you realize everything you have overcome. The “it” no longer has the power to hurt you because you have taken ample time to address the root causes. Position yourself to settle your heart, mind, body, and soul until you drown out the outside noises and only hear your own heartbeat. In this place, you are taking moments in time to prepare for your complete transformation. Establish some habits of reflection concerning the positive and negative outcomes of your journey. It is in this journey where you begin to discover your core principles as a person. The areas in you that remain constant despite the storms are filled with helpful clues about who you are becoming. Not everyone takes this approach to life. There are many that just continuously repeat the vicious cycles of hurt never addressing the root of their issues. If you have made it to this point, instead of being depressed, find the courage to celebrate the little milestones of improvement. By acknowledging your successes, you deplete the resounding background noises of that scream failure. Understand that you possess the power to eradicate the ongoing impact of pain in your life. How you view the adversity in your life elevates what you give power and focus to. Pain is often viewed from a negative perspective, but when you begin to dive deeper realize pain is a PRESSURE point.

The pressure squeezes out something! You must take ownership and complete control over what the “something” is and what it means to you. The nation watches the Olympics and sees all the glorious gifts, incredible talent, and enormous victories. The pressure to qualify the chosen athletes endured is seldom revealed to the audience. Greatness isn’t developed overnight but manifested over time by overcoming trials through the management of extreme pressure. Life presents overbearing circumstances that may cause you to drift off track and possibly influencing the mind to give up. Empower yourself to look at the challenges as a means of uncovering the level of your purpose. There are many situations in life that arise to disturb your peace but find the stillness and readjust frequently. The most important priority is your health, stability, and mind. If you allow all the turbulence to overtake you, then you have no opportunity to recover.

When you take a step back, clearly assess your surroundings and the constraints that are present, be slow to react, and take steps to change the situation. In peace, you can identify the pitfalls that can impose crippling devices of deception. Peaceful moments orchestrate environments where self-assessment can reveal strengths and weaknesses that require cultivation. Learning how to be patient and to avoid rushed decisions are actions that help to move your vision forward. After isolated moments of careful examination of the trauma, its impact, acceptance, and recovery make the time to enter a peaceful mindset. The mind is defined as a verb (Wikipedia)to be distressed, annoyed, or worried by. The pressure irritates the mind by causing distress and worry when you are faced with adversity. Some people thrive off the pain, they get an elevation in their mind, and we consider this abnormal behavior.

Ultimately, their mind is stimulated by pain, and it sends a pleasure signal to their sensory system. Adversely, the pain inflicted on the mind causes the same distress and worry but emits an unpleasurable feeling and negatively impacts your sensory system. Because it’s not pleasurable, one must channel a signal that takes precedence over the negative. By redirecting these signals to your mind, you are controlling what signals you allow to be remitted to your brain's sensory system. Peace is a critical component to inject into your mind. Peace exterminates the negative impact of pain by shoving you into a restful state of mind. I will explore the different methods to navigate into the posture of peace, even in turbulent times.

When you have a clear mind, you’re able to create new strategies to overcome the obstacles. One simple method of peace is incorporating a set time to pray or meditate. I pray and I’m able to express my emotions outwardly without the judgments and criticism of others. It’s my safe place to release stress, worry, anxiety, hurt, and disappointment. My God happens to cover my heart providing me with serenity to begin each day anew. In tumultuous times do your absolute best to avoid panicking and force yourself into a peaceful state of mind. It’s ok to have reactions to irritable circumstances give yourself the grace to recoup and recover. No one goes through life without saying a few cuss words here and there or slapping a few people.

It’s not even realistic to avoid a few altercations in your lifetime. We can’t always be happy, love, joy, peace, and happiness, sometimes it’s slap yo mamma, yo jacked-up family members, cuss some people out, jump in your car and make donut spin outs. After you have completely cut up, find your peaceful moment, and return back to your calm mind. One disclaimer, when you cut up, don’t actually Go and cut anyone, or shoot them or run them over! Pray that Jesus covers your heart and mind to avoid leaving it on the curbside, because you may not be able to call Uber to pick it back up. Amen and Amen.. let the church (even though you want to slap some of those members to) say Amen. Smile SOMEBODY STILL LOVES YOU! Don’t be like everyone else, that’s boring! Be at Peace and always BE YOURSELF, YOUR OWN BRAND!

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