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Love Yo Hatas

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Love Yo Hatas! You hear this saying often but what does it really mean to “Love Yo Hatas”. You must make a constant effort to change your mindset to embark upon the difficult journey of loving your enemies. I believe that many quarrels end up tragically resulting from “checking” yo hatas. The amount of time and energy spent on trying to change the trajectory of your enemy ultimately has a negative impact on you personally. Rather I employ you embrace the concept of declaring, “YOU NEED YO HATAS, BECAUSE THEY MAKE YOU BETTER!”

I designed a T-Shirt that states I’M BETTER NOT BITTER! I realize the vicious actions of others against you can be construed as the greatest motivations for your success -- ONLY IF YOU MASTER the notion of a POSITIVE mindset will alter a negative force. I researched negative vs positive energy forces and on Wikipedia, it gives a brief description of how the negative and positive forces travel closer together creating a greater positive force known as kinetic energy.

From this theory, I can conclude one should never run away from the negative force, but rather run to it with positive energy. When the negative and positive forces meet the positive overpowers the negative and creates a greater positive.

From a Biblical reference, James 4:7 paraphrased says resist the devil and he will flee from you. Resistance means to remain unaffected by something or someone, especially adversely.

Consider the institution of slavery and envision the power of the minds that envisioned themselves free. The mere thought of eradicating a system that posed all levels of impossibility to escape as death traps ONLY but someone believed beyond their circumstances. They embraced the negative energy and used that mindset to ignite a kinetic energy to FREEDOM. It breaks my heart to look around today and see the sacrifices of my ancestors just thrown away by gun violence, gang activities, self -hatred, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and the overall disrespect towards the SACRIFICAL OFFERING THAT WAS MADE SO THAT OTHERS COULD WALK IN FREEDOM.

We watched the transfer of power and the escalation of racial tension in America in 2021. The mere thought of being hated simply for the color of your skin is completely SILLY. I say this because look around America today, people find love wherever they choose to position it. Testing your DNA to see what category of race you fall into where there are so many check boxes on the list to choose from is quite hilarious to me. Today, we can no longer classify an individual just by looking at them externally because we do not know their TRUE IMAGE or Identity simply by their appearance.

Let them hate: that’s another saying! What I’ve discovered is there is such a power in loving on your hatas. Biblically, The Bible states Matthew 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you , and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you. Romans 12:20 Therefore: If thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink. For in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. I want to extend the purpose behind the pain of loving those that mistreat and use you.

Our society is hyper- sensitive about being disrespected, mistreated, used, talked about, and “blasted out live”. People are offended easily and are ready to fight and often end up ready to kill each other. COVID-19 allowed us to experience an unprecedented season in time we have never seen. Death had no age limit, it was unexpected and many were left in utter turmoil emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually and mentally. Hatred increased even within our own household while being forced to stay connected. We began to see the levels of hatred rising in our communities but the result was a unification of supporters. The thing that was sent out to perpetuate a century of hatred was down- graded by the power of love, respect, and unexpected unification.

Love Yo Hatas paves the way for greater opportunities for growth, expansion and increase knowledge about the importance of diversification. During the season when you are the one being hated, it does not feel comfortable. During these seasons, do your best to choose your battles wisely and avoid combating negativity with more negative energy. Make a conscious effort to display genuine love, admiration, upliftment and encouragement. I know this sounds crazy, maybe even punkish, but positive energy always cancels negative. You may suffer even greater humiliation by being called silly, stupid, desperate and not enough. It takes great strength to endure the public humiliation of relentless ridicule down to the stripping away of everything. To be left leveled down to nothing and yet still have love towards the individual that broke you down.

You have to find another way when you’re not in control of others’ actions. I can suggest being patient to stand strong in who you are and not what they are doing. Instead, pay attention to the patterns and areas of attack. You can gain better leverage and insight to create an escape strategy. I made a conscious effort to show love rather than fight, which in turn, escalated more outlandish acts of hatred. As I began to pour out sincerity in love, I could feel a shift in the behavior. How can you love the unlovable parts of a person? Begin to search under the stony layers of coldness in the heart, not looking for acceptance or even for it to be reciprocated. Simply extend the genuine heart, even if it is rejected. By doing so, you reclaim the love for yourself and regain your individual power to control your own responses. Rather than being mentally distorted by the actions, words and deeds, stand with confidence and embrace the essence of who you are as a person. Refuse to seek acceptance or inclusion, celebrate the notion of never fitting in because you are uniquely made. I began to see many jumping on the band wagon in conjunction with him for the attacks. Instead of becoming bitter, I ventured on a spiritual journey of faith that revealed a greater source of power within me.

Being pressed down to nothing has a way of putting every issue on display. Instead of drowning in the disparity, focus on ways to overcome and to rise up higher. The power of knowing who you are has a way of positioning you into a quiet room to meet yourself. In this room, take the necessary time to address those areas of idiosyncrasies, the places in your heart that warrant repair.

There is another reason why Love Yo Hatas matters immensely. In 2016, I worked with a woman named Rich, she was an annoying woman always trying to get me in trouble with my manager. One day, I was ready to just let her have a piece of my mind, but a small voice said, Be kind to her and don’t kill her with your words out of frustration of her actions. She didn’t change her annoying behavior, but I changed how I perceived it. I would bring her something back from the cafeteria to drink or eat. I would take her out to lunch because I knew she did not have a car. I would spend time just talking with her. I left that company and I supposed it was about 2 years later, I received a phone call from one of my colleagues at the company where we both were employed. The young woman on the call asked me if I knew anyone close to her. I thought this was rather strange because it’s been over two years since I left. The woman stated that Rich died and was in her apartment for two weeks before anyone even realized she was missing. I was in such despair and began to weep.

It reminded me of why I had heard that small still voice saying show her kindness. No matter what, Rich will always be in my mind as to why it matters how you treat your haters. We take the simplest acts of kindness for granted when it could mean the world to someone. Love even Yo Hatas! You position yourself in a better place for a greater reward.

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