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Love The Shift

Growing up in a household with mostly men, I learned how to shift gears on a car as early as nine years old. I can recall my oldest brother having a Toyota in the early 80’s with a manual engine. Back in those days, children were allowed to sit in the front seat, even without a seat belt. He taught me how to shift based off the “sound” of the engine fluctuations coupled with watching the rpms on the dashboard. It was a collaborative effort; he would control the steering wheel, push in the clutch, and call out the gears I needed to change to. At the age of sixteen (16), I was overjoyed with the anticipation of getting my driver’s license. I was successful in achieving this small milestone, but I was not given a “stick” shift or manual shift vehicle. My father had the skill of flipping cars. He would buy “project” cars, restore them, and sell them for a profit. He did this so often and I honestly believe no one can truly give a correct assessment of how many vehicles he has owed in his lifetime. As we know today, this was a form of passive income generation. My father is a man gifted with the ability to create, design, repair, and build with his hands. He is a gifted self-made landscaper, always keeping the best kept lawn and garden in the community. He spends majority of his time outdoors always working on a project, even in his senior years. He is now 80 years old and just laid a stone patio with white stones around the border adding a firepit for enjoyment in his beautiful backyard. In many ways, I’ve discovered my multiple abilities to create and design and invent new ideas. The journey of discovery has mandated me to continue diving deeper to unravel ways to shift from one industry segment to another. My writing has become a by product of documentation coupled with personal therapeutic remedies transitioned into this blog. Going through the pressures of financial instability can be extremely taxing on the mind, your confidence, your health, and even challenge your spiritual beliefs of hope and faith. Over the years, I’ve had at least 5 mental breakdowns, I will dive into this deeper in my book, but I learned to pour out my soul in the pages of my journals. These pages talked about the pain I couldn’t transfer onto other people because it was too deep, too heavy, and no one had an answer. Part of shifting that pain was turning to prayer unto God and writing in my journal. Turning on the television, we hear countless stories of how people have overcome sufferings, but we also hear stories of people never giving up. My blog has pages filled words to inspire, encourage and uplift individuals facing difficulties. I’ve learned over time not to compare yourself with other people, but to always be true to yourself. Part of shifting involves being able to think outside of normal or familiar parameters. Being your own brand encumbrances the acceptance of SELF, just like God made you. Our society excludes, isolates, and challenges people that are “eclectic”, “weird”, “crazy”, or “different”. It takes an enormous amount of courage to go against the grain and stand out because you become a target. Shifting also entails the ability to delve into your core existence and pull out another version of yourself. I’m an individual that loves to use my imagination, and I love to analyze mysteries of creation. I’m curious about why and how things operate, co-exist and function. Sometimes, it’s to my detriment but I’m an overthinker and I find solutions in these places of wonderment. Environments of extreme pressure and stress also play a role in squeezing out means of survival under duress. In this shift in my life, I’m learning how to rest, wait and prepare for what is next. Sitting idly is an unfamiliar place for me and cause moments of uncertainty. In defense, I start to analyze what are the possible outcomes, what are the potential threats, what are the ramifications of doing nothing. It leaves a lingering sense of vulnerability when thinking about my future. The progression out of a situation can yield two outcomes. The first one would be- sit and hope something will change, and the second one would be -leap in the water with the sharks, either get eaten, drown or swim to the boat or shore safely. This type of shift is demanding a special supernatural level of faith that stretches beyond the physical site. Trust becomes the element of faith in God. Lean into your gut instincts or your personal convictions of beliefs. You have no factual data to compare the potential outcome to because it’s a mindset. Stagnation is a seeding ground for mold, barrenness, non-productivity, and devastation. Anything left undone stays incomplete. I’m challenged with the notion of abhorring faith principles in the absence of concrete visual results. Shifting may also require an alternative solution, even when, this solution is not considered acceptable. The intention is to revert to the original plan, but again, which side is correct? How do you successfully navigate a land so treacherous and yet find a practical solution that corporately solves the problem?

In these times give yourself permission TO BE YOU! Life is short so take advantage of the clean canvas life has granted you. The ability to find another version of yourself is not a simple feat. BE YOUR OWN BRAND and LOVE everyone component of your True Image reflected in your mirror.

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