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Love- Seniors

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

How many of us are subjected to taking care our senior loved ones? Life can bombard us with great adversities that often pose road blocks in our individual lives. I’m not implying that caring for your parents is a determinant but acknowledge that it requires adjustments and demands our time. As a result, our normal every day living undergoes repositioning, rearrangements and can even cause financial contributions unexpectedly if not previously planned out. There are some other oppositions our senior community face with living in our society—learning new technology platforms. Technology has dominated our world so rapidly leaving many of our seniors behind attempting to pay bills, order food and even picking trying to avoid predators. Our society is obsessed with “convenience” by implementing streamlined processes to conduct more and more transactions faster.

As the world continues to evolve, there are enhancements projected to propel us further and further; rarely are there initiatives to revert backwards. As the cost of commodities, essential care, insurance, prescriptions, etc., continue to rise our seniors can often be left struggling to have adequate transportation to attend doctor appointments, pharmacy visits, as well as grocery shopping. Yes, all of these services are easily assessable by utilizing your phone application, but the reality is, often times, what we deem “simple” download can be a cumbersome task for many of our seniors. My parents are seniors and they have Iphones that they are learning to navigate but still aren’t up to par with even conducting a google search regardless of the attempts to teach and reteach. My mind reflects on those seniors that are left without anyone to consult with, talk to, or even to connect to without them receiving a paycheck for the interaction. I’m a licensed insurance agent and I have had the opportunity to see how complex selecting the appropriate medical insurance to anticipate future needs can be a daunting task. The terminology alone is hard to explain in simple terms to our seniors. There are some that are familiar with the medical plans but I can only imagine the percentage of individuals that just aren’t grasping an understanding.

There are senior centers where the elderly can obtain assistance such as financial help, home care and grants for paying for medications or other bills. In reality, these resources may exist but if a large number of seniors are technologically deficient, how do they connect with these resources. Listening to some of the seniors and watching their family members having to wheel them into the office grabbed my attention but also my heart. At that moment, I was inspired to write about how could I spread the word to remember our seniors. I’ve had the opportunity to help some seniors and I realize that they can be wealth of knowledge and wisdom that may be overlooked at times. In our office, we have a platform initiative to simply spend sometime talking to our seniors on a phone call. Many of them are alone without family with limited resources and could really benefit from the kindness of someone. Even during my busy times, I plan to participate and commit at minimal an hour out of my time during the week to talk to a senior hopefully placing a smile on their face and a lasting impression in their heart.

In a world where crime seems to be on the rise, why can’t we counteract it with a good deed. I’m frequently told I can’t save everyone, but I honestly believe if I’ve touched one person’s life it was worth my time. This website is filled with viewpoints about love some good some bad, but I simply believe the good overpowers the bad. I believe that love does conquer all and it can heal a nation- if not a nation at least a soul. is about healing the broken pieces that sometimes we face when we attempt to love another person. Our seniors have labored in years before us, and without them, there would be no us. Reflections on the past are what helped our technologies to enhance with vast improvements. Forgetting our elders is essentially a discredit to who we are today.

I want to be in a place to honor those that have labored before me paving ways for me to sit in the seats I now occupy. I traditionally serve my parents their meals not because they aren’t capable but because I honor them for their commitment to each other to raise me and my two brothers. Thinking of economic hardships and challenges in this day and time can’t compare to what they had to face. They did it diligently never giving up despite all of the roadblocks they faced over the years. They were blessed to have selected the best medical insurance coverages. Seeing the value in what you do at work is evident when you are able to help someone. What happens right before you shift from employee to retiree, in my opinion, isn’t something you just leave your eyes closed until 64.

It’s a matter of continuing to educate yourself on the annual changes. In our churches, we have a small community of seniors and I realize that I need to pay more attention to them as well. When life demands hustle and bustle there must come a time of reflection. Looking back so we can look forward to make our system more efficient.

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