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10 Day Change My Mindset

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Change Your Mindset will provide a 10 day journey. Trauma, disappointment and hardships promote negative reactions and behaviors. In this 10 day Change your Mindset, we will focus on shifting our minds to position the experience of your painful moments into profits. Healing mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially demand the sacrifice of effort on your part. Recentering yourself in these areas will position you to think clearer, make better decisions, and help you become BeTTer Not BiTTer and establish an additional stream of income. Prayer is the free offering of my course. I believe prayer is powerful when we believe God is able to answer our requests. Mentally we are going to explore different ways to reposition a negative situation. Emotionally we will learn how to reposition our emotions and to be mindful of our responses to negative outcomes. Our mind incubates the keys to our success. How a Man Thinks So Is He. If you are finding yourself constantly focused on negativity, your outcome will be negative. This 10 journey will help you unravel the necessary skills you need to keep moving forward despite the adversity. Finally, we will embark upon the journey of discovering rewarding feeling of happiness by uncovering the path way wholeness, and the financial benefits by telling your story. Shift Your Entire Life by Changing Your Mindset

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10 Day Change My Mindset

10 Day Change My Mindset

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